The Federal Territory Amateur Fencing Association (FTAFA) is a state registered non-profit sports association managed by volunteers, dedicated to the promotion of the sport of fencing through its active programs to empower sportsmen & sportswomen of all ages to achieve excellence through the sport of fencing. It also aspires to bring more people into fencing, and to raise the standards in refereeing, coaching and performance at all levels from grassroots to world-class performance.

We have also just initiated a program to gather used fencing equipment to be recycled to open up the sport of fencing to all potential aspirants in schools and clubs.

Fencing For All & For Life

Fencing is the sport of swordplay, it is a precision sport and is contested at every modern Olympic Games. Fondly referred to as “physical chess”, fencing is a contest of mental agility that involves the mind, body, and spirit of the player.

School going children, teenagers, and college students fence at local clubs and at their schools; adults from 18 years of age and well into their 70’s can be found on fencing strips in Malaysia; all have the opportunity to compete at home and abroad, or just to enjoy the sport that they love.

Health & Development

Fencing helps: