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Last Update : 17 / 02 / 2017



Registration Closed
We are pleased to invite you and or your esteemed organisation to participate in the forthcoming competition as listed below.
  • 1. Date
  • 2. Venue
  • 3. Organiser
  • 4. Organising Chairman
: 18th to 19th February, 2017
: Chin Woo Stadium, Jalan Hang Jebat, 50150 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Tel:+60 3 - 2072 4602
: Federal Territory Amateur Fencing Association
: Ms. Shirely Wong
  Tel: 016 3434796
  Email: president@ftafa.com

  • 5. Event
: Men's Open Foil, Epee & Sabre
  Women's Open Foil, Epee & Sabre
  Men's Team Foil, Epee & Sabre
  Women's Team Foil, Epee & Sabre
  • 6. Competition Schedule
17th February 2017 - Team Managers briefing via Whatsapp Croup Chat

Sat 18th February 2017

09.00am : Preliminary round - MEN'S FOIL & MEN'S EPEE (Direct Elimination will start after preliminary rounds until finals)

10.30am : Preliminary roung - WOMEN'S FOIL & WOMEN'S EPEE

11.00am : Preliminary round - MEN'S SABRE & WOMEN'S SABRE

4.00pm (estimated) : Prize Giving

Sun 19th February 2017

10.00am : Preliminary round - TEAM FOIL & SABRE (Direct Elimination will start after preliminary rounds until finals)

10.30am: Preliminary round - TEAM EPEE (Direct Elimination will start after preliminary rounds until finals)

4.00pm (estimated) : Prize Giving

Ranking weightage will be 1.5
The above schedule is subject to change. Any changes will be made known to the respective Team managers & or Coaches.
  • 7. Participants
  • All participants are welcome
  • Please note that a minimum of 4 participants per event is required for the particular event to proceed. Should the event be cancelled due to lack of participation, the respective team managers & or coaches will be notified soonest practicable after the closing of registration.
  • 8. Online Registration only

Online Registration is at www.ftafa.org, please register for the competition and submit the application online not later than 6.00pm, Friday 17th February 2017. No manual registration will be entertained. All Team Managers & or Coaches may email their participation in an excel spreadsheet to not later than 6.00pm, Thursday 16th February 2017. Your entry is only confirmed once you've received and acknowledgement from us. Please check with us within 48 hours should you not have received the acknowledgement.

  • 9. Competition Methods
The fencing competition shall be conducted in accordance with the current Statutes and Rules of the FIC. In case of disagreement in interpretation of the Rules, the latest English version shall prevail. The Directorie de Technique shall deal with any unforeseen incident not covered by the Rules.
  • 10. Equipment
FIE equipment is not compulsory, however, rusty weapons, torn fencing attire and short socks are not allowed. Fencer’s clothing must be made of sufficiently robust material and should be in good condition. An inner plastron is compulsory. Weapons check will be done on the piste before each bout.

  • 11. Competition Management
(a) Directorie de Technique (DT) – dt@ftafa.org

The DT shall be responsible for the technical organization of the competition. The decision of the DT shall be final in regards to all protests unless a written complaint is lodged with the Jury of Appeal. The DT may be reached at dt@ftafa.org and for this competition.

(b) Protest

Competitors should immediately make appeals against decisions of a referee, before any decision is made regarding the subsequent hit. If the referee should maintain his decision, the complaint shall be brought to the attention of the DT.

(c) Jury of Appeal

The Jury of Appeal shall be under the chairmanship of the President of the Federal Territory Amateur Fencing Association and the DT. The decision of the Jury of Appeal shall be final.

(d) Referee

Participating delagations must be accompanied by number of referees according to the FIE Rules as follow: 1-4 fencers: 0 referee; 5 - 9 fencers : 1 referee; 10 or more fencers : 2 referees.

Note : Please ensure that the referees are to be properly attired with proper shoes, long pants and long sleeved shirt. A neck tie and a jacket is recommended. If the participating delegation fails to provide the required number of referees, a penalty fee of RM150.00/per day/ per referee will be imposed. The fee should be paid before the start of the competition on the day.

  • 12. Prizes

Prizes Medals will be awarded to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in each event. E-Certificate of participation will be emailed to all participants, the team managers & or coaches.

  • 13. Entry Fees

The rate of entry fee is RM100.00 per person per event for Malaysian Residents and USD$40 or RM180.00 for all others.

  • 14. Payment

Payments must be made to Federal Territory Amateur Fencing Association’s account with Public Bank Berhad or vide Interbank Giro (IBG). A code is generated upon completion of the online registration and the code must be used to identify the participants for the online payment. Please email all payment advice to admin@ftafa.org.

Address :TAMAN MAYANG BRANCH, NO. 21 & 23, JLN SS25/23,
Account number: 3116063407
  • 15. Visas
Please check on the visa requirements to enter Malaysia at the Malaysian Embassy, Consulate or Visa Office in your country.
  • 16. Hotels
Olympic Sports Hotel Kuala Lumpur
Jalan Hang Jebat, City Centre, 50150 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone: +603 - 224 5428
Swiss-Inn Kuala Lumpur
62, Jalan Sultan, City Center, 50000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone: +603 - 22072 3333

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